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2021 Voice Artist of the Year

Humbled to be named "Voiceover Artist of the Year" and "Best Performance, Gaming" at the 2021 One Voice Awards!

Thank you to J. Michael Collins, Hugh Edwards, Peter Dickson and Team, volunteers, sponsors and judges for bringing us together for an evening of celebration. #OVA21 Congratulations to all nominees and honorees, you are all talented beyond belief and I’m proud to have been in your company.

This 2021 moment was simultaneously anchoring and exhilarating. THE Randy Thomas and THE Melissa Disney announcing my name for a career affirming #VoiceOver accolade, y’all have no idea!

So very grateful for all of my clients, agents and creative production teams with whom I get to collaborate every day. What an adventure, what a year!

Talking to you live and direct,


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