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Can you believe Fall is here? Saddle up folks, #WinterIsComing!

During my voiceover career, I've been fortunate to meet and be mentored by some of the industry greats. Their insight has gone a long way in helping me establish my own signature voice(s) and creative process. Sharing truly is caring and, in that vein, I'm happy to introduce my take on #TopTipTuesday. Every Tuesday, check my blog for tips and tricks that assist voice actors, vocalists, public speakers, spoken word poets and the like.

Today's #TopTipTuesday Tip:

When recording --especially long-form content-- use a "dog clicker" to signify "pick-ups," restarts or even line and/or paragraph changes. (A "pick-up" is a rerecord of a line you may have flubbed). The distinct click from this dog behavioral training aid will be easy to spot when you begin the tedious editing process. Why not a snap, a clap or even a cough? The dog clicker is consistent in the sound and wav form that it creates in your recording software unlike other forms of noise distinction methods.

Hope this tip proves useful - let me know! Also, feel free to leave comments and questions and you could be featured!

Talking to you live and direct,

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