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On Tuesdays, check my blog for tips and tricks that assist voice actors, vocalists, public speakers, spoken word poets and the like.

Today's #TopTipTuesday: Meet the Creators.

As a voice actor, there's no better way to understand what clients need than to actually hear them discuss the nuances of their jobs. Recently had the opportunity to attend an #InsideNick event at Nickelodeon and learn about what Development Executive Mary Harrington and others had to say about developing pilots, shows and enduring characters. Whether or not you live in the Greater Los Angeles area, make it a point to attend talks, panels and events or webinars that relate to your craft(s). Not only will you learn about the tastes of key opinion leaders, but you'll be able to network with others in your respective industry and get inspired by the collective!

Talking to you live and direct,

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