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Every Tuesday, check my blog for tips and tricks that assist voice actors, vocalists, public speakers, spoken word poets and the like.

Today's #TopTipTuesday: See the world, bring your mic!

There's nothing quite like Holiday Season to make one acutely aware of what's most important in life. No, it isn't gifts or gifting. Yes, it's family and friends. Yes, it's experiences. Hopefully the latter two combined!

One of the most wonderful aspects of voice artistry is that professionals can now work from broadcast quality home studios. But many voice actors I've spoken with are still wary of traveling, taking vacations or --generally-- living life away from said studios.

Come on, y'all! Life is meant to be lived! And studios are meant to be mobile. So, pack up your equipment --or purchase a secondary travel kit-- and go see your family. Go take that international excursion. Be the Best Man at your best friend's wedding.

6 actionable items:

1/ When staying at a hotel, ask for room(s) away from elevator bays.

2/ Checking luggage? Be sure to pack a moving blanket. Cheaply procured from Uhual et al.

3/ Inquire about reliability of wifi before booking lodging or map local wifi hotspots.

4/ Properly pack equipment with care and make a checklist so nothing gets left behind.

5/ Research and connect with studios local to your destination.

6/ Assign working hours and when they've elapsed, go do that thing you traveled to do!

Here's to a restful and memorable final week of 2017. See you next year!

Talking to you live and direct,

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