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I’ve never before believed in synchronicity to this extreme. It is truly my guiding principle— for the little and not so little things in life and career. New work for the #Olympics for #Visa with a track by Nas and Keyon Harrold and an Al Jurreau sample, of course. For those just catching up, Keyon is scoring our golf film #PlayingThrough. Seeeeeeeeeee?

We did not plan this but many thanks to Sound and Fury for the alignment. Lime Studios is one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles and always brings out my best, thank you (Joel Waters!)! To my agents, I learned my lesson this week and will be crawling back to the light, you know what I’m talking about. Not, in fact, a robot. To Olu Dara (Nas’ Dad) for calling me out when I was younger to “step into your light, girl.” We're here!

Talking to you live and direct,


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