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A League of Their Own

"There's no crying in baseball!"

Except for when there is…and I might have shed a tear of joy when I heard the news! (One tear, out of my left eye, rolled slowly and dramatically down my cheek and landed into my Winter Garden Vegetable soup). Excited to join the cast of "A League of Their Own" for Amazon Pictures and Sony Pictures Television.

Oh how this life comes full circle! I love baseball and have been a fan since I was a little person, patterning my sand lot swing after “The Kid” Ken Griffey, Jr. of the MLB Seattle Mariners (Side bar, he’s also a good golfer, his father too). I’m now the voice of ticketing at Major League Baseball parks around the country.

When I was 12, I first met the OG Shortstop Dorothy Harrell of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League’s Rockford Peaches

(of which the original Penny Marshall "A League of Their Own" (1992) film is based). I was her helper at a women in sports autograph signing event. We met again in 2006 at “The Billies” a Women's Sports Foundation event (founded by @billiejeanking) celebrating women’s sports representation in the media.

This was the same year I played in my first LPGA Tour event. Some of my early golf mentors also played ball in the #NegroLeagues and my college education was made possible by the financial support of the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Last year, during the pandemic, I took to the fields near my home almost daily to destress. A personal batting practice to beat the brakes off of the day. It was then that I had the chance to partner with Sports Illustrated and Truly Adventurous to narrate Holly Van Leuven’s story of #ToniStone (and Mamie “Peanut” Johnson + Connie Morgan) the first woman to play professional Big League baseball.

I remember thinking then, “How amazing is it that I get to bring these stories to life?” And now, 2021, I’m stepping from behind the mic to do it on screen in #ALOTO and #Playing Through (2022), the story of pioneering golfer Ann Gregory. Telling the stories of women. Black women. Athletes. Change makers.

Talking to you live and direct,


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