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Just Do it, The Oscars Edition

Today, may I present to you, one commercial and two meanings of athletic "efforts."

In the voiceover world, an "effort" is loosely defined as the sounds --sighs, hard breathing, grunts, kisses, yawns-- an on-screen actor would be doing. (Except, they're often done in "post" by entirely different actors). In my world as a professional athlete, "effort" is just that: forces marshalled toward a desired performance outcome. And when Academy Award-winning Director Alejandro González Iñárritu calls the shots and Academy Award-winning cinematographer Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubezki captures them, that's what you call a "team effort."

The breathing you (might ever so faintly) hear is mine, the sweat (partially) mine. The result? All yours to enjoy.

Oh! I lied, here's one more! Aired during the Winter Olympic Games. Get it? Aired? Ha!

Make an effort,

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