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Every Tuesday, check my blog for tips and tricks that assist voice actors, vocalists, public speakers, spoken word poets and the like.

Today's #TopTipTuesday Tip: Behold the power of zinc!

'Tis the Fall cold and flu season and --we know-- nothing takes the wind out of a vocalist's sails quite like a cough and sniffle. Here a (nasal) drip, there a drip, everywhere a drip-drip. No more! Zinc to the rescue in one of my favorite forms, Cold Eeze. Zinc has been proven to boost immune function and lessen symptoms of recurrent ear infections and the common cold. These lozenges help quell hoarseness, congestion, sore throat, cough and nasal drip. Pack some in your go-back and hit the road to recovery!

Talking to you live and direct,

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